“7even” is a path that aims to investigate the mediation between divine and human.

It is a path with deep roots and full of meanings that clearly open to reflective listening".


Vitriol is an invitation to travel within ourselves, an invitation to search and dig deep into our whys, to be able to find our how.

It is an arduous and impervious path stolen from our bowels, which allows us to re-emerge in our daily life, inner poetic worlds made of sounds, images, symbols and colors.

Vitriol is an invitation to seek dawn within dusk.


God Shaped Hole is a sonic journey through that place of feelings that is both empty and full. By investigating the void, we are called to define it by building consciousness beyond the visible.

"The Echoes of Eternal Beauty", a contemporary music disc inspired by the wonders of the ancient buried city that has come back to life, perpetually suspended between its tragic past and a splendid future, capable of always offering new treasures. And the complex theme of the relationship between time and space is the basis of the music signed by the Masters Flavio Cuccurullo, Antonio Onorato, Pericle Odierna and Nicola H. Samale, recorded by the Artemus Ensemble of Pompeii directed by Maestro Alfonso Todisco, enclosed in the disc manufactured by Satyr MB production, a production house directed by the artistic director Nello Petrucci, with the coordination of the production of Teresa Desiderio and Raffaele De Gennaro.