Flavio G. Cuccurullo

Film Music Composer



G O D   S H A P E D   H O L E 


God Shaped Hole is a sonic journey through that place of feelings that is both empty and full.
By investigating the void, we are called to define it by building consciousness beyond the visible.

N O W   O U T !

Full Orchestral Piece "
Performed by United Soloists Orchestra at the RSI Auditorium in Lugano, Switzerland.
Arseniy Shkaptsov


"Cinema is the meeting place of all the arts. 

It is a cozy living room with an always-on fireplace where you have the opportunity to experience stories that 

somehow have the ability to make us alive and aware. 

Writing music for the cinema is an excuse for me to break the state of silence, and then regret it soon after.

There are 3 springs that push me to tell a story with sounds: 

Love, in the latin sense of the term, "A-mors" or "without death";
Emotion, in the sense of moving together, sharing, understanding and being the other;

Relationship, that is connecting oneself with what one has understood of the other to then converge towards Love".

"Through images, the magic of sounds becomes pure poetry and then, through poetry, becomes dream".
2021 "Music for Cinema" Awards
Napoli Cultural Classic

"Master in soundtracks and in the so-called "film music", Flavio Cuccurullo, through the universal language of instrumental music, paints majestic and epic sound stories, leading the listener twenty thousand leagues under those busy streets, under that flow of frenetic lives and those looks metropolitan, right into the deepest abysses of the soul, to seek - as Franco Battiato sang - "dawn within dusk".
In fact, within the "sound paintings" of Cuccurullo, in which we are often enveloped by torment, anxiety, melancholy, restlessness, it is always possible to trace a thin line that indicates the path, which takes us by the hand, almost an anchor of salvation that glitters in the dark and shows the existence of the famous "light at the end of the tunnel".
Doriana Tozzi - Rock it 2019

Vitriol is an invitation to travel within ourselves, an invitation to search and dig deep into our whys, to be able to find our how. 

It is an arduous and impervious path stolen from our bowels, which allows us to re-emerge in our daily life, inner poetic worlds made of sounds, images, symbols and colors.

Vitriol is an invitation to seek dawn within dusk.

    Blue Spiral Records - 2019

"7even" by Flavio Cuccurullo is an entrancing debut album. Produced and distributed by Blue Spiral Records, and available on all digital platforms.

“7even” is a path that aims to investigate the mediation between divine and human. It is a path with deep roots and full of meanings that clearly open to reflective listening.

This album amazes for its “simple complexity” and how it manages to make it easy to graft classical arrangements into the narrow loops of post-rock music.

The pieces sprout layer by layer in an orchestral crescendo until they reach an ethereal dream effect thanks to voices with an almost angelic timbre in a mystical and intense context".

 OnMusic - 2017